About us

I do what I LOVE & I LOVE what I do.

When my husband and I became Network Marketers in 2014, we got down to business and wanted to start marketing ourselves with a business card, we realized that there were not many choices that fit our styles. I was a stay at home mom studying to be a Naturopathic Doctor. As a former Graphic Designer, I decided to design a card for each of us, and soon began getting requests for those designs. That's when I decided to list the 2 cards on ETSY.  We came up with a business name, got our lives in order and fastened our seat belt. One thing led to another… Before I knew it, our living room had been transformed into a graphics station. I soon took over the dining room as well and started spilling into other areas of the house. We have since, grown into a larger operation, with an office space in downtown Atascadero, California. We now have several people on our team to help with the "behind the scenes" work, as well as a few other designers. I love designing for products that are changing lives on so many levels. I want to I create marketing material for people to get excited about! My creativity is fueled by good music, awesome friends, and a room with a view. I love the passion and connections that come along with direct marketing, which is what keeps me on track to my next design. I also love my Nanny Team, because without them our success would not be possible.